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Updated 02.04.2020

Shazam is the most popular application in the market to help you identify music. Simply open the application while the song is playing and wait 10 seconds and then the artist, the song title and the album, if any, will appear on your screen. In the application you can also explore more music, artists and more
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Developer : Apple Inc.
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Shazam is one of the most popular applications in the world. It is used by more than 100,000 people monthly. Shazam is an application that identifies music. Example if you are in a store, a restaurant or just somewhere where you listen to music and you don't know what song or artist it is, and you want to find out. Then Shazam is the best application to help you discover and identify the song. Simply open the application and hold the shazam logo and let the application listen to the song. After a few seconds, the artist, song and album will appear on the screen.

The application is free on Android and Apple devices. Shazam is owned by Apple. That's why Siri, the virtual assistant on iPhone and iPad, uses the Shazam database to identify music on their phones. Shazam has a database memory of more than 11 million songs. With the application you can explore music, artists and new genres. In the application we also receive updated information about the new things that the artist will do.

The application is free, but the company created 2012 a paid application called Shazam Encore.

The application first identifies the songs in an audio fingerprint that is based on a time frequency graph called a spectrogram. Then use a phone or computers with a built-in microphone so you can gather a brief sample of audio that is playing. Shazam saves everything by making a catalog of audio fingerprints and places it in a database. And when the user tries to catch up with a song for about 10 seconds and then the application creates an audio fingerprint.

Then, when Shazam analyzes the captured sound, he tries to find a match in the database based on a digital acoustic fingerprint. If the application found a match, sending the artist, the name of the song and, if there is one, sending the album. Shazam can identify any music, just make sure that the noise around the sea is not too loud, as it will prevent you from taking the digital acoustic footprint. The application is free, but the company created 2012 a paid application called Shazam Encore. Shazam Encore is variable the same as the free service, it only has some features more than the free one.

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Price: Free
Category :
Developer : Apple Inc.
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- You can explore and find new music in the application

- It's fast and easy to find songs and artists are

- It's free

- It can be difficult for the application to capture the sounds that there is too much noise around.

- Muy pocos jugadores pueden jugar al mismo tiempo.

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